Kat Stark - Yelling in Pasties

Kat Stark - Yelling in Pasties

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Twenty years into her marriage, Kat and her husband faced head-on the great underlying fear of most monogamous people: My partner wants to have sex with other people. For them, that truth led to a rollercoaster of new sexual and romantic adventures...


Pro G-Spot Rabbit by Satisfyer

February 11 | with Kat Stark | Reviews

It's not often I'd describe a toy as a game changer, but the Pro G-Spot Rabbit completely rewrote the rules for my orgasms.

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I Love Friend Sex

January 25 | by Kat Stark | Blog

The social effort required to get to know people well enough to learn if I'd want to sleep with them, plus all the time that goes into learning someone's body and teaching them about mine is daunting.

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Rimming Plug 2 by b-Vibe

January 4 | by Kat Stark | Reviews

The rotating beads feel really good, though. Not entirely like a tongue but with a deliciously relentless consistency.

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Podcast Episode 17: Butt Stuff

December 7 | with "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark | Podcasts

What’s the appeal and the fascination? In our lifetime, it’s gone from being a secret perversion to borderline mainstream.

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Podcast Episode 16: Sex Toys

November 2 | with "Serious" Flick Morrison & Kat Stark | Podcasts

We on the Wet Coast are huge fans of sex toys. We have a large collection and use them regularly both in solo play and with our partners.

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Pure Wand by njoy

December 11, 2016 | with Kat Stark | Reviews

It's a toy I recommend to almost anyone who is wanting to discover g-spot orgasms themselves, with the caveat to be prepared for potential wetness. The cold weight is intimidating at first but the smooth curve is so inviting.

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So Many Firsts

March 22, 2015 | by Kat Stark | Blog

G was pressed up behind me, T was cuddled against my chest while Flick ate her pussy, and someone was fingering me. I didn't know who it was. It was probably the most delicious, hedonistic moment of my life.

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